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9 Day Liver Detox

Dear friends,
In this day of constant bombardment with environmental factors that poison our livers, the only thing between us and chronic illness is the strength of our liver's detox systems. Most people don't reaize this. Whether it's diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or even high blood pressure and kidney problems, it all starts with the liver's inability to do it's proper detox job.

That's where JuicePlus+ comes in. Those specific raw vegetables and fruits that are in Juice Plus+ are the very ones the liver uses to detox environmental elements (meaning pesticides, herbicides, water toxins and air-borne pollutants, junk food, coffee, alcohol, meds, mercury, lead, etc) so we can stay somewhat healthy. But we just never can get the 10-13 recommended servings into our bodies every day - the ones we need as fuel to do this work. And especially we don't get them in the raw form. Raw plants up-regulate our liver's ability to get rid of the toxins and poisons that come into our systems every day.
Of course, raw is the form JP+ uses to deliver these precious detox factors.

So, double down on your JP+ you have in storage, make it a daily habit, think about your liver, and let it work for you!

Can you tell I just attended a detox seminar???? It was very inspiring and the MD who gave it actually uses the Metagenics detox system (a 9 day plan using a special "get the liver working" fuel powdered drink and specific vegetables & fruits), but she will NOT put anyone on this detox diet until they have finished at least 2 months of JuicePlus+ to get the liver working better.

This doctor recommended that everyone do this type of liver detox at least twice a year. I've been planning on starting this for a year, (since I first got my certicicate in Metagenics detox programs), but something always interferred with the 9-days-in-a-row deal. But, actually, only days 5,6,7 are super restrictive about the type of food allowed, so I decided it's time to do it!

If you take JuicePlus+ every day, your liver will be happy to let you do a detox without a lot of side-effects. Some people are so toxic that they can't do the detox in 9 days - they have to stretch it out over a month or longer or they would be so debilitated from the toxins being released into the bloodstream that they couldn't function. (Then it's not a detox, but an internal poisoning)

Let me know if you want to do this detox program. If you are a regular JuicePlus+ taker you can try this safely and if necessary, spread it out over more than 9 days. For instance, you could start out with "day 1" for a week, which is: No coffee, alcohol, sugar, junk food of any kind, or animal flesh food of any kind. That's the kind of diet we should eat everyday anyway!