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Acid/Alkaline Debate, Part II

Acid/Alkaline balance, Part II
The actual scientific investigation of this topic long held as self-evident by naturopaths began in the 1960's - 50 years ago. They hypothesized that human bones might be giving up calcium to cmpensate for pH imblalances.  These scientists showed that by using diet to shift rats pH even a tiny bit, from 7.25 down to 7.15, the rats' bone loss was increased six-fold! 
Small studies in humans soon began to suggest that the body excreted more calcium, or less, depending on the acidity of the diet.  In 1994, a study that was completed at UCSan Francisco and published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that women who took bicarb of soda daily to neutralize the "end result acidity of diet" decreased their rate of bone loss and increased bone formation.
Swiss scientists published a study in Osteoporosis International in 2001 that showed people who were eating a high acid-forming diet excreted 74% more urinary calcium than others placed on a high alkaline diet (veggies galore!) and who drank lots of mineral water during the day.
Osteoporosis is one thing.  How about other diseases?
Tune in tomorrow!  In the meantime, eat more veggies!  (and less meat, cheese, sugar, bread, pastries, cereal, booze, and coffee!)  Wondering why we get sick at Christmas time???)  We don't have to give up all the good tastes of the season, just balancing with tons of raw vegetables will go a long way!
mary anne