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Acid/Alkaline Debate, Part III

Continuing the debate on acid-forming diet and other diseases...
Research suggests that 4% of cancers are inherited or genetic.  The rest are caused by lifestyle, diet, environment.  (Remember the "on" and "off" switches of our genes?  Diet and lifestyle choices can keep them in the "off" position, for the most part.)   Acidity reduces oxygen and cancer thrives in an oxygen-poor acid-rich environment. Cancer cells obtain energy through fermentation, a conversion process that does not require oxygen.
Researchers at Oxford University in London found that both acidity and lack of oxygen are factors in the evolution of non-malignant tumors to invasive cancers.  Other researchers have found very low pH levels (i.e. acid) in the veins of cancerous tumors of the gastrointestinal tract suggesting that these tumors are intenesly acidic.  Other researchers have shown that most solid tumors are surrounded by acid.
Changing the pH of the blood is not a cure-all for all diseases, but maybe by consuming a larger portion of alkaline-forming foods vs acid-forming foods, we might reduce the stress on the body to maintain this delicate pH balance.  The body, when unstressed by diet and lifestyle, knows how to heal itself.  Giving it every possible advantage, instead of every possible challenge would be a wise thing to do!
The list goes on and on and includes allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, infections, kidney disease and weight problems.  Not that there have been controlled scientific studies on all of these but what has happened is that people who switch to a non-acidifying diet can come out of these disease states sometimes quite rapidly, depending on the level and severity of the disease state.  Allergies leave rather quickly.
Tomorrow:  Lists of most acidifying and most alkalizing foods!
mary anne