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Acid Alkaline Foods

Here's a short list of both alkalizing and acid forming foods.  Probably no real big surprises here, but there are some hidden gems you might not think of.


In general, think of the plant world as alkalizing foods and the meat and protein world as acid forming.  The exception to this rule is grains. While grains are from the plant world however, they are extremely acidifying.  (Bad news for bread & pasta lovers.)  But don't lose hope, there are a couple of little tricks to "have your cake and eat it too" so to speak.


There are endless lists on the internet - just google "acid vs alkaline foods" and you'll have your pick.


But for a short list and an easy way to remember approach, try this on:


Vegetables are the most alkalizing and the greener the better!  Greens have a higher the alkaline residue.


Most alkalizing:


dandelion greens *****  sold in green grocers and mother's but not often at supermarkets.  I have a feeling dandelion tea is in this category, too!

kale (slice out the spine and saute gently in olive oil with onions for a few min, then add 1/2 cup organic chick broth and steam til tender - yummy!)

sea vegetables (seaweeds in general)

sprouted beans (including soy sprouts)

sprouted seeds (alfalfa, red clover, broccoli, etc)

soy nuts

alkaline water

vegetable juice (mostly green)

pumpkin seeds (yeah!!!)

celtic sea salt (celtic grey sea minerals at large HFStores)


Moderately alkalizing


beets broccoli cabbage celery collards endive garlic gingerroot

green beans

mustard greens



bell peppers


salad greens sorrel



lima beans

navy beans

avacados (nice surprise!)

fresh and dried herbs

cayenne pepper !


Most acidic (less than 30% of diet to maintain pH balance easily)


ice cream



all animal flesh food:  meat: beef, veal, pork, organ meat, poultry, shellfish, farmed fish)


potatoes   - a surprise from the vegetable world!  (both white and red are acid producing)

all dried and canned fruit







carob, cocoa, jam, jelly, malt, MSG, mustard, rice syrup, soy sauce, vinegar

sugar and all sugar substitutes


corn syrup


all alcohol, (including beer & wine)

coffee  (  limit to 1 cup a day, drink plenty of alkaline water throughout the day.


A helpful list of slightly alkalizing foods that can help you balance it out:

goat's milk  - but not cheese :-(  



brussels sprouts

carrots cauliflower


horseradish (raw, not in the jar with vinegar and additives)



rhubarb !


sweet potatoes







sour cherries (not sweet ones)



lemons, limes

tomatoes !!!  (best for blood-type "O" but causes blood clumping/thickening in other blood types)

the good news for those who crave bread: 

buckwheat groats or flour

spelt grains and flour

spelt bread (100% spelt, yeast free & sugar free)  ie: make your own....

quinoa  (I'll help you make this your "pasta of choice" in later emails - it's not a grain - but an herb seed, even though it's called a "grain." 

almonds!!!  The only nut that is slightly alkalizing, but must be raw

caraway, fennel, cumin, sesame seeds

Oils:  almond, avocado, coconut, borage, evening primrose oil, flax oil, olive oil - get highest quality first press virgin, organic


Note:  since all pesticides are highly acidifying, buy organic everything if at all possible. 


interesting note:  while celtic sea salt is among the most highly alkalizing seasonings, regular table salt is quite acidifying.  It's worth the extra $$ to spring for the good stuff.  It's available at most good health food stores as well as on-line.


This is an incomplete list, for sure, but you can get the idea along with a few surprises.

Conjecture:  The Ezekiel bread avail at TJ's and some grocery stores is made from sprouted dried grains, not from flour.  Therefore, even though it's not on any list I can find, I'm guessing that it's either a pH balance or maybe even ever so slightly alkalizing since it is made from plants-sprouts.  It does have yeast which would push the pH toward acid.  At any rate, it would be the best choice if you need to have bread, toast, sandwiches once in a while!


Well, it's a start!  During this season of eating too many of the foods that are acid-forming, it's good to have a few "ringers" in your head so that you can try to balance things out on a daily basis.  TJ's has a green drink called "essential greens" in the fresh juice section.  It's the most expensive one ($3+) and is highly alkalizing.  Have one every day during the winter if you can!