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Alzheimer's, Dementia, etc.

I just read an extended essay by Dr Blaylock (retired neurosurgeon, now full-time research explorer on all topics brain-related) about the causeof brain diseases, from dementia to Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, ALS, etc.
He says it's typical of science to look for a cause for these things, but in reality it's more of a "perfect storm" situation.  With just enough of the factors in place, any one of us could suffer the onslaught of these brain diseases.
The main thing I took from this article is that there are many things we can do to protect our brains from these diseases and that we should begin the moment we learn of these preventive measures as it takes years, even decades to manifest as disease. 
Some of the factors are genetic predispositions.  We can do many things to prevent the "turning on" of these genes.
A healthy, well exercised, socially engaged person is much less likely to turn on the bad genes. What a surprise.
One of the things in the "cause" column is the accumulation of heavy metals - lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, etc  Since these metals are everywhere in our environment (air, water, food) the only thing we can do is keep removing them on a daily basis.  As they come in, we get rid of them.  This is why I have put such a stress on the daily detox program I have outlined in previous emails.  I'm thinking that after 45 yrs old, everyone would be advised to do this.
Another preventive measure is to eat as many organically grown vegetables as possible every single day.  We're talking 10 - 15 servings!  (this is where JuicePlus+ can really help out)  I find it hard to eat more than 7 servings a day, and that's a lot!  Most people consume 2 or maybe 3 pieces of produce a day.
And magnesium!!  What is magnesium not involved in?  (nothing) Magnesium is a brain protector, a detoxifier of brain chemicals, an energy producer, a heart-beat regulator.  It's absolutely necessary for everything and has a particular role in brain detoxification.
Vit D3 is right up there too.  Low vit D levels are associated with brain diseases and all cancers.  Not the small amt in a multi vitamin - more like 3000 - 5000 iu per day.  (I believe it should be complexed with vit K2 to protect arteries.  (See previoius email about this on my website)
Exercise is crucial.  But moderate, not severe.  For people who do extreme exercise, they are oxidizing their brain and their entire body at a much higher rate.  They need double the amount of vegetables a day than moderate exercisers.  (Have you ever noticed how much older marathon runners look?)
Dr Blaylock considers 30 min of good aerobic exercise daily is sufficient, combined with some strength training as well.  We can all do that much!
Staying away from aspartame, soy products (especially the fake soy-protein products vegetarians eat instead of meat), MSG, all "flavor" additives as they are all MSG in disguise. These products all release glutamine in the brain and this is an "excito-toxin".  Exactly as it sounds:  it excites brain cells to the point of self-destruction. Everytime you eat something with aspartame or these other chemicals in it, brain cells are destroyed. By the millions.
This one is tricky as those flavor enhancers are in so many manufactured products.  So it's back to basics:  Eat REAL food, not fast-food or concoctions made in an industrial plant and put into packages.  Oh, so easy to eat, but oh what a price to pay!