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Anti-Aging Tips

Becoming Healthy is a pro-active position



Feeding Your Body:


1.      Eat only real food.  Avoid pre-fab, refined, chemicalized, “fake food”, ie,  the middle aisles of the supermarket, things in boxes, packages, cans, etc that have too many words you can’t pronounce. 

2.      Stick to food that agrees with you.  Eat low on the food chain, ie, more vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried beans and legumes, some whole grains,  and fruit between meals.

3.      If you eat animal protein, stick to organic, free range, and wild varieties of chicken, fish, limited amts of grass fed beef (If you live locally: available at Celestino’s next to MiCasa on 17th & Santa Ana ave)

4.      Use some healthy fats every day:  fats in wild salmon, nuts, avocados, capsules of only molecularly distilled EPA-DHA, olive oil for salads and coconut oil for cooking/baking.

5.      Stay away from fast-food.  They not only use very poor quality meats in fast food, but also use

alarming amounts of oils that are trans-fats and/or recycled and rancid.  The molecular breakdown of     this type of food reduces to carbon that is about 70-75% GMO corn.


All Foods are Drugs or Medicine:  food sends messages to every organ and cell in your body.  “Fake food” is not recognized by your body and it wreaks havoc with your immune system, not knowing what to do with it.  This is why a junk-food-fed body breaks down very quickly and ages much faster.  (watch “Super-Size Me” and “Food, Inc” for further education in this arena)  Every food requires co-enzymatic partners, found in food, to process it and turn it into energy.  Fake foods do not have these co-enzymes to do this work so the body must draw on it’s own “bank account” of these nutrients.  Bank accounts must be replenished every day, not just depleted!


Keep Blood Sugar Stable:  Avoid sugar as much as possible in all its forms, including artificial sweeteners.  White flour products (most bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, tortillas, etc) turn into sugar very quickly in the body.  This destabilizes blood sugar and eventually leads to a worn-out pancreas and then to diabetes, cancer, heart disease.  Preventing spikes in insulin is very important in maintaining a non-inflammatory body.  Inflammation is the leading cause of all chronic disease.


Inflammation and Oxidative Stress:  Unchecked oxidative stress leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to chronic diseases.  Through normal metabolism, even while we are sleeping, the body burns fuel.  This burning causes sparks to fly and do damage to all of the trillions of cells in the body.  The “screen” we can put up to keep the sparks from blowing holes in all of our cells comes from the phyto-nutrients in vegetables and brightly colored fruits. 

Which plants provide the most protection?  ALL of them!  We need every color in the rainbow of vegetables and fruits every day because each color has a different set of thousands of these protective nutrients.  And  certain spices are especially helpful– all the ones found in Indian cooking:  tumeric, ginger, coriander, cilantro, garlic, parsley, etc.

Which “foods” cause the most inflammatory damage?  All of the nutrient-depleted fake foods as well as just too many calories!  Eating too many calories at once leads to inflammation.  Grazing is the best way to eat – small meals throughout the day.  The diet shown to extend life in animals is 25% less than “normal” caloric intake.  Other inflammatory “triggers” are all processed foods, allergens (foods that don’t agree with you ), alcohol, wheat and milk products for many people.