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Brocc and Chicken Synergy

As if you haven't heard enough about synergy already....
I just read an article about the synergistic effect between broccoli and chicken (also beef).
Broccoli contains sulforaphane - a chemical shown to help prevent cancer.
A deficiency in selenium has been linked to many kinds of cancer and chicken and beef are good sources of that mineral.
Research at the Institute of Food Research in Britain found that sulforaphane and selenium together are terrific weapons against cancer; their cancer fighting properties are up to 13x more powerful than either one alone.  Awesome :-)  And if you really need a hit of selenium, add 1/2 oz Brazil nuts to the mix!
A whole food diet incorporating a wide variety of real foods seems to have all of the magic our bodies need to stay healthy and fight disease.  The problems start when we add things to our diet that are devoid of these synergystic components.  They drown out the messages being sent by the good chemicals in real food. The bad cancels out the good.  Try to avoid things that make zip, rip, snap, pop, noises when you open them.
Chic/broccoli stir fry anyone?