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Cancer Protection Combo

Dear friends,
I was going over notes from a detox seminar I attended a year ago and ran across this gem:
Sulforaphane (a chemical found in broccoli and the other cruciferous veggies) is strongly cancer protective.
Brazil nuts are very high in selenium, also strongly anti-cancer.
However, if you eat them at the same time, their cancer fighting properties are 13 times more powerful than if eaten separately.
So, next time you fix broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, chop up 2-3 brazil nuts per person, sprinkle on the veggies, drizzle with olive oil to help absorb the fat soluble nutrients, and you'd just had your dose of no-cancer-today-thank-you, treatment. This might be a good idea to do 3x a week, which is how often we need cruciferous vegetables anyway. (and daily is better, of course!)
Remember the apples and cranberries study? Same thing. Their antioxidative properties were increased many times over when eaten together.
Walnuts + broccoli + olive oil: lowers blood pressure. (1 1/2 oz walnuts)
So, mix 'em up, mix 'n match, and take your JuicePlus+ everyday for the same reason: when many phytonutrients are ingested together their value increases enormously. If you enjoy taking your juiceplus+ on an empty stomach when you first get up, be sure to eat something with fat within the hour to increase absorption of the fat soluble nutrients. We chew a few walnuts after taking JP+ in the morning, if it's not with a meal that has fat: eggs, almond butter or avocado on Ezekiel toast, etc.