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Coconut Oil-Part 1-The History

Over the past year I've read many professional articles, emails, and
blogs about the resurgence of Coconut oil.  So many, in fact, that I
decided to delve into it at greater depth and ordered 3 books about just
coconut oil, written by a naturopathic physicians and nutritionists who
collected and interpreted all of the info and mis-info about coconut oil
that has been circulating for several decades.
Like many of you, I remember coconut oil from the past, an oil maligned as a
saturated fat that would clog arteries much like butter and lard.  Why
then, suddenly, does coconut oil have the curing powers of the latest,
greatest, nutrient-of-the-year?  I was suspicious.  But then came the
research.  (for some reason, it's always about "follow the money")
Back in the 50, much research had been accumulated from around the world
showing the health benefits of coconut oil.  It was used in hospitals for
those with malabsorption problems, in infant formulas for failure to
thrive infants (and then to all infants eventually) So, what happened?
It's called the Fat Wars.  This war on fats is an issue filled with
misinformation, misunderstanding, and politics.  Yes, politics.  It seems
that the American Soybean Association began a media blitz back in the
1980s stirring us all into a frenzy, warning the public about a newly
discovered health threat - tropical oils.  In an effort to stem the large
import business of tropical oils, (coconut, palm and palm kernel oils)
the ASA wanted to promote the sale of their huge crops of soybeans.  So
soybean oil quickly became the oil of choice, used (even today) in 80% of
food products/manufacturing that require oil.  (fast food, salad
dressing, baked goods, junk food, packaged crackers, chips, cereals,
puffs of whatever).

The anti-tropical oil campaign was tremendously successful ("buy
American" was the underling emotional response to those awful tropical
imports).  It was easy to convince a non-challenging public.  The
pro-coconut research was always there - in place - for decades.  The
islanders who have consumed these oils - coconut, palm, palm kernel oil,
are among the healthiest people in the world, even though their diets are
(were) comprised of up to 60% fats from these oils and the coconut fruit
Soy oil has taken a dive in popularity as we learn more and more about
it's heart unhealthy effects, especially when used in deep frying.  Not
to mention its pro-inflammatory effects as well.  Since heart health and
anti-inflammation is all the buzz nowadays, it suddenly became safe,
politically, in the medical world, to unearth old research on this great
oil and continue new research. Physicians and medical people in the 80s
were blackballed professionally if they were heard to espouse the truth
about the industry war.  In this country, people in science just stopped
talking about it. (Not so in Europe, New Zealand, Australia,  and
countries who used it continually and still use it in all packaged
products as it's the safest and most stable oil to use)  The continued belief
in the >healing properties (and safety) of coconut oil runs high in countries
that don't grow a lot of soybeans; where there is less fear of backlash
from that industry.
So, that's a recap of the history.  Later, I'll send an email about the
health benefits of ingesting coconut oil......
And - ohmygoodness does it taste and smell good!!!  (Not every brand,
however)  Can you believe that a macaroon might be good for you!! 

Does any aspiring entrepeneur out there want to come up with a new Mounds
bar that is made with organic 85% dark chocolate and coconut meat without
the added sugar?????  PLEASE.