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COVID-19 vs. the Immune System

Who will win this war?  I'll put my money on the immune system every time.
The virus that is changing the world right now does not attack and kill people randomly.  It goes for the weakest among us:  the already-sick, the elderly, those in nursing homes and prisons. A report I heard on Sunday said that 94% of those admitted to the hospitals in NYC during the previous week already had a chronic illness - a "co-morbidity" factor as they say. (This is probably true for hospital admissions in general, this just happened to be reported about the ones in the NYC area.)

What does this mean?  A co-morbidity factor means an underlying chronic illness that already is poised to make your life shorter or end it altogether - the most prevalent were obesity, then diabetes 2, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.  It's doubly hard to fight this virus when your body is already fighting for its life for other reasons.

What stands between each of us and either getting this disease and/or recovering from it is the strength of our immune system.  I am truly amazed that there is so little coverage about what each of us can do to keep us out of the statistics reported 24/7 on every TV channel.  But then, I'm not amazed because we are in general a population who gives little thought to our immune systems, instead, we worry about when will the magic vaccine appear?  

Well, while we're waiting (and who wants to be first in line to try out a newly arrived vaccine that has not been tested for long enough or with enough population to know if it's effective and not harmful? Not me), here's what we can do:

There are many tried and true things that we know will strengthen the immune system of each and every one of us.  Whether we were born with "bad genes"  or not, we know that the new-ish science of epigenetics has taught us this: 
the environment we provide our genes actually can change them - for the better or for the worse.  Here are my top contenders:
1.  What we put on the end of our forks is the place to start.  Avoiding, as much as humanly possible, sugar, alcohol, unrefined carbohydrates (things in packages with a bar code and lots of ingredients).
2.  Giving our immune systems the tried and true ingredients that provide the substrates for strong immune activity, but not over-activity.  We don't want to stimulate the immune system out of it's normal, healthful response to disease, we want to strengthen it. 
3.  For immune strengthening: Lots and lots of vegetables, a moderate amount of fruit, emphasizing the berry family b/c they are very low in sugar (say, compared to tropical fruits), low to moderate consumption of animal protein, leaning on wild-caught fish and always grass-fed and pasture raised animals, no more than 4 - 6 oz per day.  Eggs, from pastured chickens, not caged.  (I do realize this is a diet for the elite, for those of us lucky enough to be able to afford fresh and organic foods, but even those on a very lean budget can avoid junk food and consume beans and rice - offering a perfect amino acid profile for to make perfect protein, enriching it with small amounts of meat, fish, and vegetables, which remain less expensive than junk food.)
4.  The most important supplements, the things I've had the most success with:
Juice Plus+ which offers 30+ raw fruits veggies, and berries in capsules, that have been shown in peer-reviewed studies, over and over again, to strengthen DNA which is the master immune function protector. Plus, it is anti-anti-inflammatory and immune supportive.  (35 peer reviewed published in medical journals like "American College of Cardiology" the top cardiology publication in the USA)
Vitamin C has always been a foundational vitamin for immune enhancement and protection from bad-actor viruses. 1000 - 3000mg per day is a good place to start. And a vitamin C immune drip if you get really ill and are working with an MD who provides this service.  Keep away from the hospital if you can.
Vitamin D3 in moderate amounts - 1000-2000 iu per day.  It has been shown in recent studies that too much Vitamin D can actually suppress the immune system. This is a situation where moderation is the key.  Blood tests on an annual basis can show if you're in the "safe range" of 40 - 80.  A perfect way to get some of that Vit D3 is to bask in the sun, relatively unclothed, in the backyard for 20min/day, midday, weather permitting :-)  If you do this every day you can skip the capsule.  
Nano-silver by ABL company.  Their formulation is a "solution" not a "suspension" of silver which means it will not accumulate in tissue and cause you to turn blue by next January.  The dose needed is small for immune support:  1 or 2 tsp twice a day.
(I have a 2 min chalk-board video of their process and why at 10ppm strength this type of liquid silver is more effective than 3,000ppm of colloidal silver.  I can fwd it to you if interested.)
Zinc if you're not eating oysters every day and if you're not already getting zinc in some other vitamin formulation you are taking. How much?  20 - 30 mg per day is sufficient.
Those of us who have been building up our immune systems by eating well, avoiding sugar, exercising moderately, and taking all or most of these supplements, especially silver, rarely suffer from colds or flu.  And are unlikely to get a covid 19 infection that will land any of us in the hospital. 
N-acetyl-cysteine  This amino acid is the chief building block of glutathione, the big daddy in tamping down inflammation and protecting tissue from oxidation.  When well, 500mg 3x day would be a good place to start.  (You can also find glutathione in capsule form but it is broken down by the stomach and so is better to take the NAC to make your own glutathione.)  

You can do amazing things to your immune system in just 30 days, in either direction.  Doing if for a lifetime is ideal but if you just start today you'll make a huge difference.  (Remember the movie a few years back about the guy who ate McDonals's for 30 days in a row and had his bloodwork done weekly?  He was so sick at the end of 30 days that his doctor said he had done enough damage to his liver and other organs that he likely would never be 100% recovered, ever.  That stuck with me.)  Same for going the other direction.  Cutting out sugar, alcohol, performing moderate exercise, eating "real food" and adding these immune helpful supplements can do wonders in one month. Not to mention even how much better you'll feel!

Stay well and be happy.  That's another immune protecting element: being loving and having love and self-acceptance in your life goes a long way in keeping you well.