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Cranberries and Apples; the JuicePlus+ Effect

Synergy is the word of the decade when it comes to the combined effects of fruits and vegetables on health.  Many together = much more power than any one eaten alone.  One plus one plus = much more than two; more like  7 - 10x the effect.
On the American Institute for Cancer Research website, Dr. Liu has this to say:
Cranberries are known to fight fat, manage cholesterol, fight cancer and help prevent urinary tract infections.  And apples, with their high fiber and plentiful phytochemicals inhibit the growth of cancer cells and may boost the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs.  Dr Liu began his research on the health benefits of cranberries and apples in 2000.
He says that of the 11 fruits he studied, cranberries had the strongest phytochemical activity, but, he says, "The antioxidant activity of cranberries and apples together is much higher than the separate measurements for these fruits. (both of these fruits are in JP+)
This synergystic effect of combining fruits and vegetables at the same time relates to why the studies done on Juice Plus+ can reap such remarkable results.  When people say to me:  "Oh, I already eat lots of fruits and vegetables", my response is that we simply don't even know yet of the powerful effects that happen to our cells when we take in 17 (or 28, if using Vineyard as well) fruits and vegetables, together, day after day, as when taking Juice Plus+.  It's very difficult (and expensive!) to prepare and eat this large a variety of plant material every day.
This probably accounts for the tremendous change in my own anti-oxidant system performance when I added JuicePlus+ to my already heavily-laden-with-fruits and-vegetable diet 10 years ago.  My spectra cell "score" (the test that demonstrates the level of anti-oxidant capacity in your own body) jumped from 60% to 78% in just one month.  It's why I became committed to sharing JP+ with everyone I know since that test 10 years ago.  (And I've done the test again to confirm it wasn't a fluke.  It wasn't. Score stayed at exactly 78%)