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Diet Confusion

Dear friends,

I recently gave a talk/demonstration regarding the current confusion most of my clients have about "what should I eat?"  There are so many conflicting opinions, each proclaiming to be the right/perfect diet.

In an attempt to separate fact from fiction, I went back in time, to the McGovern commission on dietary recommendations (1968) to show how the notorious food pyramid came into existence (not McGovern's fault, but politics and food lobbyists instead) and how we've moved through many different iterations of food/diet philosophy since then.  Fifty years of controversy and confusion!  All in an attempt to understand and derail this current epidemic of obesity and diabetes which traces back to the food pyramid's entrance on the American Dietary scene.

I have attached for you to read, those who are interested, my "cliff notes" from this talk.  Many of you who wanted to attend but could not will find these notes helpful, I think.

Take care, happy beginning of fall!
PS  Don't forget to start taking your teaspoon of silver every morning if you want to escape the diseases of the season!  It truly works!  If you have a particularly susceptible immune system, take a tsp at night as well. I have a full supply in stock.

Mary Anne Robinson


Melissa Robinson,
Sep 20, 2018, 7:25 PM