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Don't drink your juice!

A Harvard University study of more than 185,000 people over 12 years has just released the results:
1. Blueberries are the most diabetes-protective food we know of; apples grapes and grapefruit are also good but not nearly as good as blueberries.  (Other fruits had no impact, like strawberries, oranges, peaches, plums, apricots)  FIVE servings of blueberries a WEEK reduces one's chances of contracting Type 2 Diabetes by 26%  !!
 2.  These benefits do not extend to juices:  in fact, the study showed that drinking a single serving of juice per day increases the risk of diabetes by 21%
So, how about that glass of orange juice every morning?  It turns out that our quintessential American habit is quite unhealthy.  Eat the orange!  (at least that hasno impact).  Better solution:  have  1/2 cup blueberries every day and drink drink drink water water water.  (best if fresh or frozen organic or wild)
This is so important for our children. So many parents think giving their kids fruit juice (instead of colas & sodas) is a good idea.  It's simply not true. Children (and all people) should not partake of fruit juice or sodas.  It's all about sugar.
Starting infants on water between feedings the best health practice you can begin in early life.  They will develop a taste and need for water, a lifelong benefit and guard against obesity.
In case you're still not convinced, many of the nutrients present in fruits are lost when they go through the factory process of bottling.
Please share this with your kids, your grandkids, and anyone you know who has a baby or small child. 
Mary Anne Robinson, MS Bio-Nutrition
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