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Effective Weight Loss

Regaining Health through Better Nutrition


  • Eat only Real Food.  If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, it’s probably not real food.
  • Real food is usually described with one word:  carrot, apple, fish, oats, blueberry, chicken, etc.
  • If there is a box/package involved, with a long list of ingredients on the side, it is typically 40% chemicals and 60% denatured grain base.  These types of fake foods are addictive by nature of the chemicals used:  like salt, sugar, altered fats, artificial flavors, MSG, hydrolyzed protein,  soy protein isolate etc.  These flavorings are also neuro-toxins.  They kill brain cells rapidly and can lead to dementia and other neuro-degenerative diseases.
  • Sodas are likely the worst offender of all.  They are not only addictive (sugar or sugar substitutes, flavor chemicals, etc,)  but also the phosphorus in sodas increases the risk of osteoporosis. Glucose metabolism diseases also increase with the consumption of sodas.  (hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes).  Purified water is the liquid of choice.  Green and white tea have some valuable health advantages as well.  Even fruit juice is a poor choice because of the amount of simple carbohydrate (sugar) involved in just 4 oz.
  • Water consumption:  the amount associated with most successful weight loss is your weight, divided in half, in ounces. (130 pound person requires 65 oz water).  That’s half a gallon – 2 quarts or 2 liters.  High water intake helps to flush out fat. 
  • Eat at home.  In 1900, just 2% of meals were eaten out of the home.  In 2010, it is 50%.  And 1 in 5 breakfasts consumed in the US is from McDonald’s.  Eating out increases weight because of two things:  portion size, and the inevitable presence of hidden fats.  If you only eat at home and only eat real food, you will lose weight without even trying. (of course you can fix your food at home and bring it to the office. That leaves you in control with no tricks added!)
  • Salad dressings.  Avoid them like the plague.  Olive oil is the only healthy oil and salad dressings are not made from olive oil.  Even “olive oil” salad dressings start with canola oil.   Make your own:  olive oil and lemon juice sprinkled over your salads.  A good balsamic vinegar can do it all by itself, without the olive oil.  Or just lemon juice.  People are surprised by this – and how good it tastes, even without oil.
  • Fruits and vegetables:  The more the better.  The USDA now suggests 9-13 servings a day to avoid the chronic illnesses of aging (heart disease, diabetes, cancer).  Most people cannot achieve 5 per day, even with great effort.  So work hard to get 5 per day and “fill in the gaps” with JuicePlus+.  It is my secret and that of all of my successful weight loss clients.  The extra energy and greater cellular nutrition from the 17 fruits and vegetables encourages weight loss, both consciously, and at a molecular level.  Every 120 days (4 mo) our bodies have made all new red blood cells!  When your body consumes the micronutrients found in the plants that make up JuicePlus+, it starts to “demand” a higher level of nutrition.  Unknowingly and unconsciously, people (even children) start to want to eat more produce.  It’s been observed (by me and many others) over and over again.  The trick to weight loss and correct weight maintenance totally depends on the long-term changes one puts into place.  Taking JuicePlus+ on a daily basis is a constant reminder to keep at it.  Keep eating more fruits and veggies.  Fairly soon, you will crave the better over-all feeling you have and choose not to go back to fake food.  The number one comment after 3 months on JuicePlus+ is:  “general overall feeling of well being.”  The I need to  has been turned into the I want to. Success follows!