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Inflammation, gums, skin, etc.

We have some wonderful news about the most recently published studies on the effect of JuicePlus+ on several body-systems, tested on daily users for 4 - 6 months. (against a placebo group, of course)
Three studies:
Dental: greater gum adhesion and lessening of pocket depth.
Inflammation :  Several key markers of inflammatory processes in the body are lowered by JP+
Skin:  Greater hydration, greater epidermal thickness, increase in capillary growth (by 39%!!).
I have described these in some detail below for those of you who would like a more in-depth explanation.
1.  Dental study:  This study showed that after 4 months of using JuicePlus+ daily, people who were suffering from gingivitis received very noteworthy results.  Specifically, a "deep cleaning" procedure was done first.  The control group took capsules that looked like JuicePlus+ but were inert - just "placebo".   The JuicePlus+ group had the effect of a significant lessening of pocket depth and a greater attachment of tooth to gum.  ("tightening the belt around the teeth" is the way the research coordinator explained it. )
2. Inflammation study.  Inflammation is the name of the game these days in searching for the underlying factor present in all chronic disease:  cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke.  This study looked at several key markers found in the blood that are associated with inflammatory processes in the body.  Several of these key markers were lowered significantly.  This is a big deal.  Lowering inflammation decreases the risk of all chronic illness.  This is what plant nutrients do!
3.  Skin study  People just love to be able to "SEE" the effects of supplements they are taking.  Since JP+ is a preventative measure that nurtures healthy cells, it's sometimes hard to see all of the good stuff that is going on inside the body.  But, as with the dental study, the skin study also gave us evidence we can see!  Key results:  capillary growth (tiny blood vessels) increased by 39%! This is more than twice what even the researchers expected.  The epidermal layer thickened.  This means pores became less visible and skin was healthier and better able to withstand the tortures of wind, sun, pollution, etc.  And lastly, hydration was increased.  This means that the skin can hold more water - it's visual because the skin is more "plump" with moisture.  This is why people who have taken JuicePlus+ consistently for years often hear the comment:  "Gosh, you look younger every time I see you."  It's not just flattery - it's really true.  But it doesn't happen overnight.
So, congratulations to all of you who have seen the wisdom of "filling in the gaps" with JuicePlus+.  We all know we should eat 9-13 servings of raw, different colored, veggies and fruits every day but almost no one does.  Who has the time or money to do this?  Not me!