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New Directions in Reasearch with JuicePlus+

Hi friends!
I just returned from the 3 day International JuicePlus+ conference in Sacramento and I am so fired up with the new directions in research of this company.

All of us "users" know that what you see is increased vitality and better skin - so we look and feel younger than our years, but the real secrets are taking place below the skin surface, deep into tissues, organs, even in the gut/bowels.

Because we already have clinical evidence of this, it is important to establish it scientifically, by placebo-controlled, double blinded studies.  We have 32 of these already published in peer reviewed journals (the toughest place to get anything published!) and now there are 5 more underway.  The scope of some of them is what astounds me.

1.  Recovery after wisdom tooth extraction.  This one is a no-brainer, actually.  Since we know of the healing power of JP+ from other studies, we expect the results of this study to confirm that this increased speed of healing also takes place in this situation.  Results end of 2015.   (Univ. of Birmingham, UK)

2. Comprehensive cardiovascular study.  This study is looking at vessel calcification, elasticity, chronic inflammation, and oxidative stress.  The scope of this is incredible.  If results are as expected, JP+ will wind up in every cardiologist's office.  Results end of 2015  (Cambridge Univ, UK)

3. The study:  Can JP+ reduce chronic low grade inflammation in obese patients over 50yrs of age?  this low-grade inflammation is the factor that shortens life in obese pts so if this study gets results, it will be a terrific thing for these people and the bariatric doctors that work with them. Results end of 2015  (University of Newcastle, Australia)

4.  Can JuicePlus+ alter the human microbiome?  This study is looking at gut flora, seeing if, over a 16 week period, JuicePlus+ can improve intestinal permeability.  If so, will this decreased permeability lower low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress?  After this study is completed, it will continue but with the addition of the Complete shake drink.  Results end of 2016  (Univ of Memphis, TN)

5. What is the impact of JuicePlus+ in disease prevention?  This is a systematic review of thousands of users.  There is now a population large enough of JP+ users to see if this product (unlike all vitamins that have been studies) has a disease prevention factor.  The 2nd question of the study is:  Will taking JuicePlus+ over years impact health care costs?  If so, it's likely to work its way into our health care system.  (To me, this is a really big deal.)  Results end of 2015/early 2016.  (Univ of Padua, Italy) 

I came away from this conference truly more excited and more committed to the "Live Life to the Plus" motto of this company than I have ever been.  

From the Juice Plus+ company's decision to offer Tower Gardens to all of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Americato introducing JuicePlus+ into all USA Childrens' Hospitals via the Childrens' Miracle Network organization, to the donation of dozens of Tower Gardens to the South Bronx school district under the guidance of Stephen Ritz, promoter of gardening in schools, it just makes me so proud to be part of this organization who works for me!  

To your continued good health!
mary anne

Mary Anne Robinson, MS Bio-Nutrition
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