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Not all dieters are created equally

An article in this week's Science News summarized a new study indicating the rise and fall of blood sugar levels are not the same in everyone, even when eating the exact same food.

For years we've been following the "glycemic index" as a way to measure the effect of specific foods on our glucose levels.  Well, it turns out, according to the newest studies, that the glycemic index is in the person not the food. Pretty big news. 

This might explain why one person tends towards diabetes and one doesn't.  It also could help explain why dieters have different results even when eating the same food.

Anyway, glucose levels aren't an exact correlation with weight gain or loss, but it could make one think about trying different kinds of diets if the one we are on isn't working.  If a person is extremely sensitive to glucose, then they would tend to put on weight easier (excess glucose in bloodstream = more insulin = more stuffing of fat into fat cells).  So that person would do much better on a high fat (good fat), moderate protein, low carb diet.  But if a person is not so sensitive to glucose then they could do fine on a Dean Ornish high complex carbohydrate, low fat, moderate protein vegetarian diet.

So, if one diet isn't working, switch to the other.  We are all unique.

Good luck as you begin this New Year, achieving better health!
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