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Reversing Heart Disease

Dear friends,


A couple of weeks ago I sat in a room crowded with over 200 people to listen to a presentation by Dr Farzan Rajput, MD, a cardiologist working at Hoag Hospital here in Npt Bch,
He received his training at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC and has been here in Newport Beach for 7 years, running a private practice and trying to educate the public on preventative cardiovascular care. 

He was voted best physician in the US for 2 years in a row and best physician in Newport Beach for the past 4 yrs.


He offers a unique perspective on cardiovascular wellness because he has proof that his methods work, to both prevent and reverse heart disease.

While at Mt Sinai in NYC, he pioneered the use of a Cardiac Imaging machine that is non-invasive and can take actual "pictures" of the arteries leading to and going through your heart.

This is groundbreaking information because up until now, our methods for discovering heart disease were operating at about 70% efficiency. You can raise that to 85% if you add invasive

procedures like angioplasty.  But his heart-scan machine renders 98% accuracy - "or better" Dr Rajput says.


So, he sure can tell you if you are about to have a heart attack.

He can also tell you how to fix it.


He says that there is a hereditary component in some heart disease, but hereditary or not, it is surely reversible.  How?


Diet and lifestyle changes.

Well, now, there's a surprise!  And what exactly does this entail?

1.  Diet: eliminate junk food, fast food, food in boxes with chemicals you can't pronounce. Instead, eat only real food, mostly vegetables. Some fruit. Lots of fish.

2.  Start a moderate exercise program and work up to being able to walk briskly without losing your breath.

3.  Supplements:  Juice Plus+  ... and why? Because they are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant - the 2 enemies of cardio wellness are inflammation and oxidation - both caused by poor diet.


He stressed that it was the proven science behind JuicePlus+ that first made him take a look at it.  Doctors rarely recommend supplements because

a) they don't have time to get a nutrition degree to learn what does what  - and -

b) because supplements aren't put through the rigor of scientific testing.  Except for JuicePlus+.

He mentioned no other supplements.


Toward the end of his lecture he showed us slides of "before and after" pictures of some of his heart patients.  Arteries that were 90% blocked were totally clear.  Men who couldn't get off the couch were running marathons and participating in sports activities on a regular basis. 


Many preventative doctors have worked for years demonstrating that diet and lifestyle changes can reverse heart disease and we can tell it works by the change in the patient's health and stamina.  But this is the first time we have actual photographs as proof.


I'm sure this scan is not inexpensive - he didn't mention the price.  He did tell us that in NYC where the pioneering work was done with this heart-scan machine insurance companies cover the cost of the scan. 

For sure the price of the scan saves the insurance companies the $75,000 - 100,000 cost of by-pass surgery and all the care that follows.  Including the fact that they don't cure the problem permanently unless the patient becomes pro-active in their own health program and makes necessary life-style changes.


But here was the big surprise:  women die at a much greater rate than men of heart disease.  Once estrogen plummets, women are at greater risk for cardio disease than men. 


Bottom line:

For prevention, eat a plant-based diet, exercise on a regular basis and take JuicePlus+ to ensure you are getting enough of the phyto-nutrients that protect against heart disease.


MA's additions:

1. use plenty of good fats in this diet:  olive oil, avocado, nuts, coconut oil, fish oil supplements. Avoid vegetable oils - canola, corn, soy, safflower, peanut. (ie all salad dressings!)

2. if your parent died at an early age of a HA, and you spend a fair amount of time worrying about this fate for yourself, get the scan and don't wait for insurance to cover it. It could save your life.


Dr Rajput's number is:  949-870-6668 and his office is located at 280 Newport Center Drive, suite 110.