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Those Bad Fats again

Dear friends,
I know you've read many articles I've written in the past about the importance of avoiding vegetable oils (soy, safflower, corn, peanut, sunflower, etc) and using only olive oil, coconut oil in food preparation and fish oil for consumption. (not in food prep). Why do I suggest "banning" these polyunsaturated oils in favor of switching to monosaturated olive oil, medium-chain trigliceride coconut oil, and omega-3 fish oil?
The reason for my suggestion, based upon lots of research-reading, is that those vegetable oils are very pro-inflammatory and we now know that all disease processes begin with inflammatioin, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, even Alzheimer's which is "diabetes of the brain". So just the inflammation is a reason to avoid those oils. The other issue I've mentioned is that the actual process of getting a soybean, etc, into an oil involves the use of machinery that oxidizes the oil even before you use it. (even when it says on the label: "cold-pressed." Cold is a relative term here.).
Now, I've learned (Science News, Oct 6, 2012) that in an upcoming issue of Obesity, the most prestigious medical journal regarding the topics of over-eating, weight gain, brain addiction to different modern man-made foods, etc, the problems associated with the consumption of the polyunsaturated vegetable oils extends beyond the twin-nightmare of inflammation and rancidity.
In fact, the predominant fatty acid in these oils is linoleic acid and this fatty acid has been demonstrated to cause a release of dopamine (a messenger molecule that elicits a pleasant feeling) and that this is why the foods containing the vegetable oils actually do foster addiction, overeating, weight gain, obesity, and the resultant "broken hunger meter." Our bodies are "full" but we feel we're running on "empty." "Eat more" is the gut-to-brain message!
There, that's a short rendition of a 3,000 word article about why our country is in such trouble with obesity.
Where do we find these oils? Well, besides in your kitchen, it is the only type of oil used in the preparation of all restaurant food, whether it's a 5 star resto or a fast food chain, or a box of crackers, cookies, pie, cake, chips, etc. A rare Mid-Eastern restaurant might use olive oil in some food prep, but still fries with soybean or corn oil. High quality Indian restaurants might use "ghee" which is clarified butter - much better! And of course, the French use butter, mostly, and they live longer and have less cardiovascular disease. Hmmm. Maybe it's not just the red wine... (I'll probably die trying to vindicate butter :-)
Unless you prepare all of your own food, you will be getting a very large amount of this type of oil in your diet. In 1900, the ratio of these "omega 6 oils" to the "omega 3 fish oils" was about 1:1. Our bodies can handle this ratio. We now consume a diet that has a ratio of 6:1 or even 8:1. Instant overeating and obesity to follow.
When you consider the amount of non-home-made food we eat, it is easy to see why Americans, even our children under the age of 3yrs, are tending toward Type II Diabetes, which used to be called "adult-onset" diabetes. Now it is just "ubiquitous diabetes". (my term)
There is an absolute cure for this kind of diabetes, even if you've had it for years. It's DIET and a couple of well-chosen nutritional supplements.
It's caused by the fork and cured by the fork.
Read the labels of all of your food in your pantry and fridge that comes in any type of container, be it box, jar, bottle, or package. You will be shocked, esp if you buy any bottled salad dressing - the biggest culprit of all! Even dried fruit is coated in these oils!
Here's to smarter eating!