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For several years I've been reading articles suggesting that adding walnuts to your diet can affect cardiovascular health in a positive way.  I was thinking of contacting McDonalds and asking them to give out little party favor cups of walnuts along with their suicide bags of fake food.  Right.


Now, a new study completed in Europe has been released.  It was a "crossover study" that lasted for 1 full year.


For 6 months, one group ate walnuts (unfortunately the study summary didn't say how many, but a reasonable assumption would be 1/4 cup or even less.  I think I remember several years back suggesting 8 walnut halves) while the other group did not eat walnuts.  At the 6 mo mark, the groups switched regimes.  They took lipid measurements at the beginning, at 4 mo, 6 mo, 10 mo, then at the end of the 12 months.


The group eating the walnuts had lower overall cholesterol, higher HDL and somewhat lower LDL.  Many people are taking statins, hoping to achieve the results brought about by the walnuts.  However, not all people can tolerate statins (too many negative side effects, including memory loss, muscle weakness, and lowered sexual ability), and some people just don't want to take the drug on principal.  It might be worth trying the walnut cure - even if you don't have a lipid problem, because they are high in antioxidants, omega 3 oils, and are cancer protective.


I'd go for the organic ones, available at whole food markets.

Don't forget to add your pepitas to the mix and get the huge benefits from this very alkalizing seed with its own set of benefits!


To your good health!

mary anne

PS  I should mention that if you are taking your JuicePlus+ on an empty stomach, if you eat a few nuts along with them, it will add the fats that help the absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients present in JP+.  Plus, walnuts (or any nut) help protect your teeth from gathering plaque, so I tell my college student clients who take all their JP+ before going to bed at night to chew up a handful of walnuts after swallowing JP+. 

Strengthen your immune system, protect your heart, protect your teeth all at the same time!  Whodda thought???