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Wearing a Lead Apron

Dr Bruce Ames, winner of the prestigious National Medal of Science has this to say:
"You might as well stand unprotected in front of an X-ray machine as to not eat enough fruits and vegetables." 
How much is "enough"?  Recently the National Board of Health and Human Services raised the number.  From 7-13 servings a day, they now are advising 9-13 servings a day.  Why?  Because every study done on every chronic illness, from heart disease to cancer to diabetes to auto-immune disease, shows that there is an inverse relationship between number of fruits and vegetables consumed a day and onset of any chronic disease.  The greater number of plant foods eaten every day the less likelihood  of contracting any chronic disease.  

We're not talking just amount, in terms of cups, but also variety.  Science has discovered that the greater the variety, the greater the protection.  Each and every plant has a different set of phyto-nutrients embedded in it.  Each color represents different elements that our bodies need and crave. Plants evolved these veritable factories of plant chemicals to protect themselves from radiation from the sun and from pests, insects, yeasts, fungus, molds.  It's survival of the most protected.  It would be nice to think that plants evolved this way for our sake as humans, but it happens that they did it for themselves.  We are just the lucky beneficiaries of this plant-magic.
Dr Liu  of China has studied apples for over 15 years.  We now know that there are from 6,000 - 10,000 plant chemicals in an ordinary apple.  Some estimate even higher numbers.  Scientists have given names to only 850 of these "phyto-nutrients"  in an apple. But we know the power of an apple is incredible. We've known it since before grandma told us to eat one every day. What we haven't realized until recently is that when you combine the nutrients found in an apple with those in other plants, the power escalates.  This is known as synergy.  The power of 1+1 = more than 2.  Dr Liu later studied the nutrient power of cranberries and came up with some powerful information about the effects of cranberries on different body systems. (urinary, cardiovascular, etc)  But the surprise came when he combined the two and looked at their anti-oxidant capacity together. It was much higher than double.  Synergy.  They interlock, as it were, and fill in the gaps each has missing.
Now think about Juice Plus+.  When you consume the whole food plant based nutrition of the "trio" of red, green, purple capsules, your cells are being exposed to the synergistic power of 28 fruits, vegetables, and berries all together, all at the same time.  The synergy produced is like wearing an interlocking 1000 piece puzzle, made into a lead apron in front of that X-ray machine.  Aging is the process of internal cellular damage done to our DNA, over time, from the oxidative stress created by the constant hit of free radicals on the delicate membranes of our trillions of cells.  (this is what "aging" is)  So the most powerful anti-aging diet a human can have, is one of mostly fruits and vegetables, the greater the variety, the greater the protection.
When I look at my JuicePlus+ "lead apron" there is nothing on that picture of 28 plants that I want to leave out on any given day.  That's why I am so grateful to have JuicePlus+ in the lives of my entire family including the ones not-yet-born!
"Let thy food be thy medicine."
 - Hippocrates