Mary Anne recommends a lifestyle that suggests a diet comprised of whole food, not pre-fab food from packages and boxes and things that are manufactured.  Whole food nutrition is the secret to remaining disease free well into old age.  Chronological age need not match biological age.  We don't need to "feel 80" just because we were born 80 years ago.  People who enjoy a whole food diet most of their lives (you can always turn back the clock even if you don't start until you're 40 or 50) have a much younger biological age than those who don't catch on to the wisdom of eating "real" food most of the time.
Besides diet, a healthy lifestyle includes taking time each day to rest, relax, reflect.  These 3 things, done on a daily basis, will keep stress within manageable levels.  A go-go-go-run-run-run lifestyle ages the body at a much faster rate than a lifestyle that allows (makes) time for those 3 things each day.  Stress is a physical phenomenon, not a mental one.  What happens in the mind happens in the body because the mind-body is one organism. Being truly happy demands we all take time-out from the stresses of life every day.  (see "soft-belly breathing" exercise in the article about stressor #3)
A healthy lifestyle also includes exercise every day.  Moderate exercise (30 min of brisk walking every day is the best/most perfect exercise) gets the blood moving and opens up the channels of the beneficial chemicals that line our blood vessels and lets them flow into every cell of our bodies.  These chemicals that are custom-made within our own bodies slow down the aging process tremendously.  However, over-exercise (extreme athletes, marathon runners, gym "spinners" and the like) actually accelerate the aging process.  These extra demands on the "engine" that drives our systems must be met with loads of extra plant materials to tamp down the free radical damage caused by the oxidation within the cells.  Athletes who don't make up for this nutrient depletion from the body's bank account on a daily basis, age at a much faster rate than the non-athlete.  I believe JuicePlus+ can fill in the gaps for all of us who can't manage to consume the recommended dose of 9-13 servings of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables every single day, but it's an even greater necessity for athletes.
Lifestyle summary:  eat real food, stay happy, exercise moderately with someone you love.