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Four Major Causes of Stress - #4 Exercise 2-Edged Sword

Stressor #4- exercise  (4th and last in the series on stressors)
Dr Russel Blaylock, neurosurgeon and recently retired Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is one of the strongest voices in America for managing chronic illness through better nutrition, not more medications.  His oft-quoted quip is:  "Prescription medications don't cure disease, they just stop you from screaming so much from the pain."  He now runs a private nutritional consulting business and is one of the most thorough investigators of current research being done around the world in the field of human health and nutrition of anyone alive today. 
I took 16 pages of notes from a talk he gave to a large audience about the value of fruits and vegetables in our lives.  His conclusion:  the more the better.  There is no plateau of how much is enough.  50 different plant foods are better than 25 and 25 are better than 10, etc. Each specific fruit or vegetable has something special to offer and they work best, synergistically, when consumed in combination with each other.
His information about exercise was particularly interesting.
He explains exercise as a two-edged sword.  Just the right amount of exercise raises the anti-oxidant levels in our cells and heavy exercise greatly decreases our anti-oxidant levels.  It makes sense when you think about it. 
Take a car out on an open road and run it at the speed it was designed to run, with the fuel appropriate for its engine and you will actually increase its performance, "cleaning it out and opening it up" so to speak.  Take that same car out on the open road, put your foot to the floor and go for a long time and you will exhaust the car and shorten its life if you treat it this way very often.
The same applies to the human body.  Our arteries are lined with epithelial cells,  a "mesh" just one cell thick.  Within these specialized cells reside about 12 nutrient chemicals that are called into action when the body starts moving - as in brisk walking.  This "cleans out our engines" and makes us healthier at every level.  We perform better, it strengthens our brains, slows down dementia, preserves our artery health and circulation and so on.  You can achieve this with half an hour of brisk walking a day.
But raise that up a few notches:  train for a marathon, engage in vigorous athletics several hours a day, workout hard at the gym 5 days a week, and something else happens.  Running our body's engine at a demanding level uses up our bank account of anti-oxidant nutrients which must be replaced daily.  Where do they come from?  Fruits and vegetables.  A person who engages in vigorous exercise requires from 15 - 20 servings every single day of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  But what do athletes do?  Most (not all) have the false belief that being an "iron-man" or a marathon runner makes them more or less immune to heart attacks and disease and they often have worse diets than ordinary folk.  What Dr Blaylock explained to us is that people who engage in a lifetime of vigorous exercise (marathon runners for example, or tri-athletes etc) have more strokes, more heart attacks, more cancer than those who do not engage in anything more vigorous than walking. 
There was a gasp in the room.  He had the studies and statistics to back up his statements.
He explained that intense exercisers tend to be the very ones that are hardest to convince to take anti-oxidants. He also told us that these supplements, like Vit C, Vit E, etc, are actually dangerous taken in isolated forms.  He was talking about anti-oxidants in food.   His suggestion was to eat several pounds a day of a wide variety of plant foods and to go easy on meat.  The anti-oxidant vitamins that are inside all fruits and vegetables are complexed together with tens of thousands of nutrient factors that make them work best when in their complete food-form, not an isolated vitamin. 
While Dr Blaylock is not a spokesperson for JuicePlus+ and is not connected to that company in any way, he did mention this product by name as a must for all who engage in vigorous exercise because it has been through the rigorous clinical testing that proves the plant nutrients are in-tact and do get into the bloodstream and do perform many activities that enhance our overall antioxidant protection. And let's face it:  he nor anyone else will ever convince athletes (or anyone) to shop for, prepare, and eat 20 raw vegetables and a few fruits a day.
If the raw fruits and vegetables in JuicePlus+  works for marathon runners, to protect them from the storm of free radical damage that exercise causes, it also works for all of us because every day every kind of stress we undergo, be it physical, (as in exercise) or mental/psychological (work, relationships) or from not enough sleep, or from the toxins in our food and air, requires that we eat abundant amounts of plant foods, every day.  The nutrients we need to protect our cells from the aging caused by free radical damage are found only in plant foods -  just in fruits and vegetables, and the more the better.  You simply can't get too much. Eat lots of raw veggies and fruits every day along with your JuicePlus+ to fill in the gaps of the 20 you might not get to every day to slow down the aging process and prevent chronic diseases.  That's true science.
Mary Anne