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A favorite quick weeknight meal

One of the things I do to make evening meals quick yet nutritious is to buy a package of organic drumsticks at Trader Joe's once a week.

I saute them in an olive-oil sprayed pan for a few min each side to brown them a bit, then add 1/2 cup water, a lid, and let them simmer slowly for an hour or until meat falls from the bone.  I let them cool, debone and remove cartilage pieces and put the pieces into a glass bowl with all the liquid and good fats, put on a lid and refrigerate.  Then one day that week I will use them in a recipe that takes just a few minutes to throw together, kind of wok-style.  Getting the meat ready to go is the trick!

Here's a recent creation that my husband said "This is sooo good!" twice that same week :-)

Makes 4 generous servings:  All ingredients are from Trader Joe's

 cooked, chopped dark chicken meat from drumsticks or thighs- the amount that you get from a pkg of organic drumsticks or thighs
1 pkg froz organic brown rice
1 onion, chopped
1 4oz pkg cubed pancetta (optional)
1 pkg "organic foursome" frozen vegetables

1. Saute chopped onion and pkg of pancetta together in an olive-oil sprayed skillet.
2.  While this is happening, microwave organic rice for 3 min on high.
3.  When the rice has cooled for a minute or two, add it to the skillet when onion is cooked and the pancetta is crisped.
4.  Add chopped chicken and all the liquid and chicken fat to the skillet, stir it all up and heat while you fix veg.
5.  Place bag of frozen veggies into a clean skillet, add 1/2 cup water and cook til done - about 5 min.  When cooked to your liking, add it to skillet with meat mixture, stir, season with salt and pepper.

Viola!  Dinner in about 15 min. 
You can have the veggies cooking, the rice in the microwave and the onions & pancetta sauteeing simultaneously to save a few min.

Mary Anne Robinson, MS Bio-Nutrition