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Best ever spaghetti sauce

Here is a spaghetti sauce I made last night that hides lots of vegetables.  Kids can't tell...
Begin the recipe in the early - mid part of the day so it will have plenty of time to simmer and "dye" the vegetables....
1 lb pkg shredded brocc slaw
1 large onion, chopped
1 lb pkg crimini (or other) mushrooms, chopped
1 lb grass-fed free-range ground beef
1 25oz jar organic marinara sauce
1 15oz can chopped organic tomatoesI like the one with chopped green chilis for the extra kick)
1 can organic tomato paste diluted with 2 cups boiling water with 3 tsp organic chinken broth "better than bouillon" paste
2 - 3 Tbsp capers - or - 1/2 cup sliced green olives.
4 - 8 cloves garlic, chopped
1.  Chop the broccoli slaw until pieces are 1/4 - 1/2 inch in length..  Melt 1 Tbsp coconut oil in large skillet, add chopped slaw, chopped onion, ground beef.   Add sea salt and pepper or red pepper flakes to taste.  Cook and stir til done - about 20 min or so.
2.  Place the next set of ingredients into a large pan, except for the garlic - save that til the end so it will retain it's taste and nutrient value.   Heat mixture and cook on low for 2-3 hours, adding the meat/veg mixture when meat is no longer pink and veg are fully cooked.
Serve over quinoa or brown rice pasta, or brown rice or even over broccoli if you're counting carbs.  There is so much flavor in this sauce, it tastes great on everything.  This makes a pretty good sized batch, so there's plenty to freeze for future "done-deal" meals.
*note:  do not use regular chicken broth for this as it is too diluted (unless you use campbell's canned and it has MSG in it), so the "Better than Bouillon" organic chickenbroth paste is a must in my pantry for this dish and just about anything else that calls for "water"  - like a soup recipe, etc.