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Broccoli Slaw Salad

Mary’s Broccoli-slaw salad:

I make this salad at the beginning of every week and have it for lunch most days:

1.  1 one pound pkg shredded organic brocoli slaw, chopped into short pieces.

2.  Any number of veggies in any portion you wish:  jicima, all colors of organically grown bell peppers, chopped carrot, tomatoes, red or maui onion, cooked and drained and cooled green beans, asparagus,  parsley, spinach, cooked beets, etc - any veg you like!  I tend to not use celery or bell peppers unless I can find them organically grown since they are the most heavily pesticided plants other than berries, cherries, and grapes.


After chopping the slaw, spray a large non-stick skillet with olive oil, add the slaw, cook on high heat with lid on for about 2 min.  Remove lid, toss the slaw, cook on high for another 30 sec and replace lid and turn off heat.  Let it sit and steam while you chop and toss the rest of the veggies with lotsa lemon juice and sea salt.

At this point, I add the warm slaw, toss it all together and put in a large tupperware-type container.  Esp the ones with the ribbed bottom which keeps it fresh all week!


When serving myself a portion, I add some chopped chicken, tuna, or wild salmon from the can. 

If you want a heartier dinner-type meal salad, add a box of the lentils.  As always, adjust taste with: olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt.