Cell Food

To get the most out of your supplements, think about adding CELL FOOD.
What is Cell Food?  78 trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary for cellular health in a liquid.
Because of the environment we live in (internal and external) there is no end to the stress our bodies go through to keep us upright and moving in a forward direction!  I think Cell Food could be an enrmous assistance  to all of us, slowly upregulating our cells function to operate at peak performance and gently detoxifying at the same time.  I, for one, will give up everything else before CellFood, Juice Plus+, vitD and fish oils!
Cell Food has been through rigorous testing, both double-blind, placebo controlled and in clinical settings.  It has been available in 70 countries for over 40 years.
It has been shown to assist in these bodily processes:
Increases energy levels
Enhances brain functioning, alertness and concentration
Supports lung/breathing function   (reduction in asthma symptoms after 3 months)
Oxygenates cells safely  (some oxygen products create free radicals in abundant numbers)
Removes free radicals - is therefore a powerful antioxidant
Provides electrolyte activity (this is hugely important to all people and even more so in athletes or those who engage in rigorous exercise)
Supports allergy relief
Sustains endurance and stamina
Helps remove lactic acid for better athletic performance
95 - 100% nutrient absorption
Yeast and gluten free
Promotes faster injury recovery
Helps digestion and metabolism
Completely non-toxic at any level
Plant based ingredients
Increases absorption of all other nutrient intake because it allows greater nutrient entry into cell via enhanced osmosis -the cells become more porous and flexible.  As we age, our cells become less efficient. This is largely due to the "stiffening" of the cell membrane so less nutrients are absorbed and less toxins are expelled.  All health professionals agree that healthy cells = healthy body.
The 3 points to remember are:
1.  Released oxygen cleans cells, stimulates cellular respiration and provides energy.
2.  Released hydrogen builds and repairs vital cell structures and suppports the immune system
3.  Free radicals bond with the negatively charged oxygen molecules and convert them to safe, stabilized oxygen.  (O2)
In summary:  Nutrients IN - Toxins OUT
When you can heal the body's cells to accept better nutrition, JuicePlus+ and other supplements are made even more "available" as the absorption rate increases.  I can't think of a better combo.
It comes in a 1 oz bottle and you add 8 drops to water 3x a day.  ( I mix 24 drops in 48 oz of water that I drink throughout the day.)  The bottles retail at $30, and I sell them for $27.  A bottle lasts a month.  I have Cell Food in stock now for those interested in trying it.
This is the most excited I've been about a product since I was introduced to Juice Plus+.   There is a huge body of research on this product.  The CellFood company has 6 liquid products, all 95-100% bioavailable b/c of the water splitting technology, and I'll introduce them as I learn about their efficacy.
Wishing you the best in health and happiness!
mary anne