chronic illness/anti-aging

This article is a summary of the lecture given by internationally known expert on Infectious Diseases, Richard DuBois, MD, on Friday, Jan 11th, 2013 at the Atrium Hotel in Newport Beach, CA

First of all, I have to say, of all the presentations on the topic of biology and human health, and I've heard a few, this one was by far the most thorough.  We all felt like we exited the room of 450 people with a Phd in that subject. 


 We don't have Health Care in this country.  We have disease management.  Health Care would consist of general practices to prevent disease. Our system is to get sick and wait for a diagnosis.

It seems to be our personal responsibility to take care of our health and not get chronic illnesses. General agreement in the medical world is that between 70 - 85% of chronic illness is avoidable - it's not genetic!  (more about genetics down the page) 

There are 13 known and named vitamins; 113 minerals, but 12,455 named phytonutrients from plants!  Those, in turn, house over 100,000 antioxidants.  It's these microscopic elements in plant foods that make us healthy and the lack of them makes our cells sick, our immune system dysfunctional and our DNA unprotected.  Healthy cells depend on plant nutrients more than any other factor. 

Two vitamins can't be found in plants and it is necessary to supplement them in most cases:  vit D and vit B12.  If you eat red meat you can usually get by without B12, but if we're cutting back or cutting out red meat, it's good to get a blood test to check the levels of B12.  Above 750 is a good number.  For Vit D, we need to see levels between 50 - 80 to have a high functioning immune system.  Most Americans come in at around 30 and that is inviting immune dysfunction, both in the active immune system and the auto-immune system.   

Looking at just one disease, cancer, we are told that 66% should never occur (many scientists say it's more like 80% Dr DuBois is conservative), and 78% of them are diet related.  (note: this statistic caused an audible gasp in the crowd).  It's hard to believe that we actually cause most cancer by what we put into our mouths voluntarily.  This does not even bring in pollutants in our air and water as factors, so add those in too and we get closer to 90% of cancers are "environmentally induced".  Meaning both food and contaminants from water and air. 

DNA damage and cancer:  If our DNA cannot repair itself, cancer is more likely.  Damaged DNA is what causes aging as well as cancer.

What causes DNA damage?

1. loss of mitochondria - these are the little factories within each cell that manufacture energy.  What causes mitochondrial growth?  Exercise!  About 1/2 hr every day of brisk walking will grow more of them very quickly.  Couch potatoes have mito loss and therefore energy loss.

2. Poor diet also damages DNA by not furnishing the repair factors.  Where are the repair factors?  In plants!  Plants alone can furnish the nutrients that protect the little "caps" on the DNA (called telomeres) and when those telomeres are gone, the cell dies or is damaged causing cell mutation. Mutation (errors) in cellular reproduction leads to cancer. 

Dr DuBois mentioned the recent research studies that show that our choice of diet affects our childrens' genes and those for future generations!  We have a huge responsibility for future generations to eat a good diet and not eat fake food and non-food.  Fake food, man-made food, fast food, are all calorie dense (see how obese we are as a nation?) but nutrient poor.  The responsibility placed upon pregnant women is staggering.  Good nutrition shoud start before birth as it just keeps going in the direction it's been programmed to go by our food intake.

This is actually a teensy-tiny explanation of epigenetics:  the fact that all genes wear little "caps"  ("epi" in Greek) and those caps have on and off switches.  You want to keep the bad genes (inherited from our parentage) turned OFF and the good genes turned ON.  What controls the switches?  Diet.  (duh, you're starting to groan, I know...)  Our 22,000 genes have over 4 million switches and those switches respond to environment.  We now know that our DNA is not our desiny.

Epigenetics has been shown to influence: 

heart disease



type II diabetes


metabolic syndrome



psychiatric disease


diseases of immune system


When you look at that list, you can see why most disease is absolutely preventable. If we can keep the bad switches in the off position, we're going to be healthy into old age. Our fork is our control-switch. 

Because of the radical change in our diet since WW II, we have been manipulating genes for over 60 years.  It will take generations of making good choices to change it back.  Phyto-nutrients (those tiny things found in plants) promote good genes and suppress bad genes. It's actually quite simple.  Factory-made "food" only promotes bad genes.  Most Americans eat mostly man-made food and very little produce.

This brings us to why JuicePlus+ is so important.

Not only is it "just food" , but it is the actual food that promotes the good genes.  We know this about produce itself, but how do we know it about JuicePlus+? 

Because of the now 29 published in peer-reviewed journals studies performed on JuicePlus+ for the past 18 years.  And during the past 10 years, 22 of the 29 published studies are what is known as "gold standard."  That means it has passed the highest level of scientific scrutiny:  double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, 3rd party analysis, and publication in medical journals.  This is what separates JuicePlus+ from all other products on the market.  It is the only product in the world that has achieved this level of research. 

 For a tiny summary of the things studied and affected by JuicePlus+ here's a short list:

JuicePlus+ has been shown to positively impact:


DNA damage (it has been shown to repair DNA)

free radical damaged tissue

lipid peroxidation

gum health  (lessens pocket-depth and helps protect against gingivitis and plaque build-up; causes greater tooth-gum adhesion)

skin health and a 35% increased micro-circulation to skin surface  (hence the often-heard: "juice plus glow" that occurs after 3 - 4 months.

arterial blood flow after a high fat/high carbohydrate meal (if you use all 3 colors of JP+, the artery constriction and spasming goes from 68% to less than 2%)

lowers oxidative stress (oxidative stress is what shortens telomeres, those little protective caps on the ends of genes)

less absenteeism at work after 4 months of JP+

Not studied, but reported by everyone who enjoys JuicePlus+:  better bowel movements and regularity!

Most of the people in the room were regular JuicePlus+ customers, coming to remember why they are taking it every day.  The ones who weren't customers yet, are so today.  Everyone left with an increased appreciation for this astoundingly important product.  JuicePlus+ is something that, along with a healthy diet, can truly affect your health, your longevity and your energy.

PS  I cannot leave out the word: STRESS because stress actually increases the likelihood of all of those diseases mentioned.  Stress puts bad genes in an ON position more easily, so a stressful life demands a much higher level of phytonutrient intake.  Same for extreme exercisers!  Hard exercise causes more free-radical damage and oxidative stress, something often missed by marathon runners or tri-athletes.