Dr. Mitra Ray on Exercise and JP+

“ You have no business exercising without Juice Plus+”

Mitra Ray, Phd


At the close of her talk about oxidative stress and cellular damage, Dr.Ray uttered those words to 8,000 people attending the Juice Plus+ Nutrition Education conference in Phoenix last March.


Mitra Ray is no scientific lightweight.  She is a research biochemist, having earned her Phd from Stanford University.  Her research has been in cell biology, particularly how it relates to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other degenerative diseases.  Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the journals, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Journal of Cell Biology.  She speaks worldwide to audiences about nutrition and disease.


Many of us know Dr.Ray because of her books, her CDs,  and her talks, where she takes difficult scientific concepts and breaks them down into bite-size pieces for non-scientists.


So when she made the above statement about athletes and the need for JuicePlus+, 8,000 sat up and took notice.


Her statement was based on the recently published research on the oxidative damage done to cells during vigorous exercise.  All of us have heard about oxidative stress but few understand the implications.  Basically, it is aging, caused by ongoing damage to cells during, and for 30 hours after vigorous exercise.  It is not news that exercise (or even breathing and staying alive!) causes DNA, fat, and protein damage.  Human bodies were created that way.  What is news to many people is that the way we eat no longer gives us the protection we used to get from food.  When primitive man was trying to outrun a tiger or chase down a wounded buffalo, the same cellular damage potential was there, but it wasn’t as damaging because this same primitive man ate only real food, most of it raw, and got cellular protection.  No fast food.  No manufactured food, no sodas. It turns out that raw fruits and vegetables protect us from this type of damage and too-fast aging.


Dr.Ray was part of a Stanford research project many years ago that was given the task of measuring oxidative stress damage to DNA, protein, and immune function in a double blind, placebo controlled study.  The outcome of the study was that the group given JuicePlus+ sustained much less DNA damage and sustained no protein damage.  She, of course didn’t know what the groups in this study were given (being double blind and all).


When the numbers were crunched and the data analyzed there were quite a few surprised researchers, Dr.Ray among them.  That’s when she first learned of the product we know of as “Juice Plus+”.  That discovery changed the trajectory of her own life and her career.  She became an avid nutrition explorer and eventually teacher.  Juice Plus+ became the only supplement she and her family would use after that.  It is the only thing she took throughout her extremely healthy pregnancies.  She is passionate about sharing this discovery with as many millions of people worldwide as she can before she dies.


I’ve known for quite a few years that there is no other supplement available anywhere in the world that has the proof of efficacy and power that JuicePlus+ has.  But the two  studies published in Medicine & Science, Sports, and Exercise , one in 2006, testing oxidative stress response to aerobic Exercise, and the other published in 2009, looking at protein modification response to exercise intensity, back up Dr.Ray’s statement that is the title of my article:  “You have no business exercising without JuicePlus+”


If you exercise, if you have a spouse or child or friend or colleague who does, you might encourage them to look at the research themselves, available on my JuicePlus+ website:

www.maryannesharesjuiceplus.com.  You can place an order on this website as well.


Here’s to your health and your newfound commitment to eating JuicePlus+ every single day.  (It doesn’t do any good if it’s stacked up in your garage J )