Foundational Nutrition

I attended a lecture recently, given by an RN who has been involved in family health and nutrition for 40 years.  She once again confirmed what I've known for 7 years now:
Juice Plus+ is the place to start:   What's wrong with our food today and why aren't we making the right choices?  We all know what we're supposed to do (eat more fruits and vegetables, the more the better!) but we don't, won't, or can't.
This is why those of us who know and understand the benefits of JuicePlus+ have such an advantage. 
Eating 10 cups of raw produce a day is not only difficult, it's expensive!  Anything less than 5 cups a day is considered negligent behavior by Russell Blaylock, MD, neurosurgeon/nutrition expert.  I haven't met many people who actually consume even 5 raw veggies a day, much less, 5 or 10 cups of different ones!
The 18 published studies exploring the various benefits of Juice Plus+ have shown us that it offers remarkable cardiovascular protection, free radical damage diminution (actually 75% reduction in free radicals in the bloodstream after just 7 days of JP+ supplementation), increased immune function, oxidative stress protection, lowering of homocysteine (a toxin associated with heart disease and virtually all disease), better gum health (smaller pocket depth), better skin health (thicker epidermis, greater hydration, increased capillary activity, leading to the well substantiated "juice plus glow"), less artery constriction after a high-fat meal (by as much as 98% when using all 3 colors of JP+), and the lowering of several inflammatory markers detected in the blood.  All of this for the price of a small cup of McDonald's coffee per day! ($1.39)
An interesting observation made by me and anyone else who has a growing list of JP+ customers is this:  JuicePlus+ not only delivers all of the above in terms of increased health in regular users, but also, it is a powerful catalyst for change.  People consistently tell me that after using JP+ for a few months, they find themselves craving more produce.  Their now healthier cells are putting a demand on the body for even more of it.  The body knows what it truly needs, once we stop to listen.  A young woman recently told me that now when she wanders through the supermarket, she'll have a sudden craving for broccoli!  She said:  "I now eat 10x more fruits and vegetables than I ever used to eat."  She's been taking JP+ for about 8 months.
In my 32 years as a nutritionist this is probably the most beneficial thing I've done to help people make changes over time: Adding JuicePlus+ to their diet inspires people to make small, incremental changes.  People who buy vitamin and mineral supplements often feel they've "got their bases covered" so they then have mental permission to eat junk food/fast food.  The opposite happens with JP+.  It took me a long time to actually believe this even though I heard it from the beginning.  I had to have 50 people tell me this over time to actually realize that this catalyst effect is a reality and that there truly is something called "cellular wisdom and memory."
So why can't we get enough of those 25,000 nutrients that we need every day from our food?
Two reasons:
1.  variety  (we just can't manage to find and prepare and eat 15 - 20 different raw, vine-ripened plants every day)
2.  quality of produce  (see below)
An interesting stat from the registered nurse who spoke to the audience:
A 1950 nutrient analysis of broccoli showed 130 mg Calcium per serving.  Today, that number is 48mg.  These findings are true for literally all produce tested.  Why the difference:  Today's supermarket produce is:
a) picked "green" (ie, unripened) so that it won't rot en route
b) grown on depeled and overworked artificially fertilized soil
c) it's already old when you get it.  It's been en route for anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks.
Shopping at a local farmer's market is a great idea.  Find out when it was picked and if it is grown in healthy soil.  Make the farmer your friend.  If you can do it, eat platesful of raw produce of every color in the rainbow every day.  Then you won't need Juice Plus+.  For the rest of us, $1.39 seems a bargain!
Best of health to you!  Congratulate yourself on money well spent if you're a regular JP+ user.  You can't feel prevention, but it's comforting to know it's happening!
To get your family started on JuicePlus+ email me or go to my JuicePlus+ website:
And if you happen to have children, you can get the product for free for 3years - one child for each adult who becomes a customer.  For this special offer, you must email me.  It's not available on the website because I give a donation to the Children's Health Study for each adult-child entered into this study.