Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Here is a list of things that prevent and/or reverse inflammation:
magnesium citrate - this mineral is the most important of all nutrients for preventing atherosclerosis. It slightly thins the blood, dramatically reduces inflammation, improves blood flow and enhances energy.  300 - 600mg/day is recommended for most people.
walnuts - eat a small handful of organic walnuts every day. The ellaigic acid in walnuts protects against cancer and dramatically reduces atherosclerosis. Walnuts help heal the epithelial cells lining the arteries. 
white tea - drink twice a day.  Extracts of green tea, sold as EGCG works well against inflammation and as cancer protection.
curcumin - tumeric - is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories found to date.  It lowers HS-CRProtein and stabilizes plaque.  Add it to the skillet anytime you saute with olive oil.  I saute all my veggies with tumeric added to olive oil..  It turns things a nice yellow color and adds a slight yummy mild spicy taste. I also add this to the walnut-pepita mix along with the olive oil and sea salt before baking.
omega 3 oils - these EPA and DHA substances significantly reduce atherosclerosis by several mechanisms.  This oil is polyunsaturated so you must use a high quality brand (Metagenics or Orthomolecular are very good) that adds Vit E and/or rosemary to the oil to prevent it from rancidity.  Rancid fish oil in your blood stream is not a good thing.  If you use the liquid form, keep it in the refrigerator.
Vit C and mixed tocopherol Vit E - the combination of these two nutrients in the right doses have been shown to reduce heart attack and stroke risk - almost twice as much as statins.  The vitamin C needs to be the buffered kind. Metagenics makes the highest quality one I've found and it comes in both tablets and powder form.  I love the powder - slightly lemony but not acidic.  I put it in my water for the day.
Juice Plus+  - this brilliant combination of 17 raw fruits and vegetables and 13 berries and grapes and other nutrients, has been shown through double-blind, placebo controlled studies to reduce arterial constriction after high fat meals, lower homocysteine, and lower inflammatory markers in humans.  Even in those who smoke!  If you want to read some of those studies, visit my website:   If you're not taking JuicePlus+ yet, you can order it right from my website or shoot me an email and I can set it up for you.
use coconut oil for cooking - it is 50% medium chain triglicerides which promote lower cholesterol, raise HDL and activate the thyroid.  Oddly, it is burned by the body similar to a carbohydrate for energy production instead of being stores as fat.  It can handle higher heat than olive oil so cook with coconut oil and make salad dressings and mayonaise with olive oil. 
The list goes on, but those are the big winners.  Some people might require zinc as well.
Diet is of utmost importance because the inflammatory effect is set up in the body by diet.  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding food that someone else makes (i.e., General Mills, Nestle, Coca-Cola Co., etc) is your best defense!  IOW, stay away from fast food, packaged food, refined food, restaurant food, use only olive oil and coconut oil for cooking and you're on the right path.
Eating out is a lot of fun - I enjoy it too - just make it occasional instead of 3x a week.  And avoid salad dressing - this is where the vegetable oils hide.  Ask for olive oil and half a lemon or vinegar.