New Vit. K2 Research and Artery Health

About a year ago I wrote an article about the new research findings on Vitamin K2 (specifically the K7 form of K2, called menaquinone-7).  The findings at that time suggested that anyone taking vit D3 should make sure they are getting sufficient K7 in their diets to protect arteries (specifically K7 keeps dietary or supplemental Calcium out of the arteries - where it hardens into plaque) 

Where does Vitamin K2(7) come from?  eggs yolks from free range chickens, cheese from cows raised exclusively on grass, and milk and meat from grass-fed cows.  Yes, the very things we were told NOT to eat since the 60's. Now we are faced with 2 generations of K2 deficient humans, leading to all sorts of things from malformed jaws causing the need for braces to osteoporosis and calcified arteries.  (atherosclerosis)

Now, a just completed study published in Thromb. Haemost. 2015 Feb 19:113(5) confirms these findings. The randomized, double-blind trial included 244 healthy postmenopausal women between age 55 - 65.  They were given either a placebo or a daily dose of 180 mcg Vit K2(7) for three years.  The data from the 227 women who completed the study reveals that this dose of K2(7) led to significant reductions in vascular stiffness and improved flexibility of the vascular wall.   The effects were most noticeable in women who had a higher degree of vascular stiffness at the beginning of the study.

This confirms, once again, my commitment to offering VitD combined with K2 for all those taking Vit D.  (which is just about everyone once they see how low their Vit D actually is!)

I have been using a formula that is a combination of D3, K2(7), with a small amount of Vit A, which is necessary for the correct utilization of the other two fat soluble vitamins.  I am now suggesting this supplement for anyone who knows they have stiffened, calcified arteries, or for anyone who'd like to prevent this condition.  Since genetic arterial calcification is part of my heritage, this is the supplement I'll use for life until further research proves there is something even better.  

If artery calcification is not your issue, you will be safe/protected with the Orthomolecular K2D3 combo that has 50 mcg K2 in it.  For those with familial cardio issues, I recommend the one I am using which is formulated by Allergy Research Group and has 100mcg K7 per capsule and 2000 iu D3.  I use 2 per day.  This one is also recommended for anyone with osteoporosis or osteopenia.  This combo makes the bones stronger over time.

Be well!
mary anne
PS  Observational research has shown over the generations that women getting plenty of K2(7) in their diets have children with perfect jaws and room for all their teeth, greatly reducing the need for braces later on.

Mary Anne Robinson, MS Bio-Nutrition