Supplement Recommendations



Get baseline blood tests of:

  1. glucose and Hemoglobin A1c
  2. homocysteine
  3. HS C-Reactive Protein
  4. Vit D 25 hydroxy
  5. blood type  (ABO) if you don’t know it



After changing your diet to include as many fresh, raw vegetables and fruits as possible, (7-13servings a day is suggested by US health agencies) while adding wild salmon, nuts, avocados for essential fatty acids, supplements I recommend are:


  1. Juice Plus+ (17 raw fruits and veggies in a gel cap)
  2. Molecularly distilled EPA-DHA fish oil (flax oil doesn’t cut it)
  3. Vit D3  (nearly all Americans are low and the RDA is being amended upward every year)   2000 – 5000 iu/daily
  4. Magnesium (for heart function and relaxation of blood vessels and muscles)
  5. Iodine in form of Iodoral.  See Dr. David Brownstein’s research on internet.
  6. CellFood as a source of 78 minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and cellular oxygen.


Other considerations:

  1. Vineyard (JP+ purple – berries/grapes) for those over 35yrs and/or those with cardiovascular issues/genetics  and/or blood sugar issues and/or eye protection.
  2. Probiotics  (Dr Ohirra after antiobiotics;  Pro-flora concentrate for maintenance.
  3. Cal-Apetite Plus for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis or for those who don’t eat enough green veggies:  kale, collards, spinach, broccoli. These are the most calcium-dense vegetables. (cal-apetite is raw veal bone, exactly matching our own bone matrix.
  4. Vit E mixed tocoperols and Ubiquinone (COQ10) for additional heart protection.


Other nutritional supplements might be necessary depending on health status and results of blood work.  For instance, B12, which lowers with age.