The need for Detoxing

Everyday we read more and more about the toxins that are in our air, our food, our water, and consequently in our bloodstream and tissues.
We also know that these toxins are affecting our health in a negative way.  There is much research to support the idea that heavy metal toxicity is at the bottom of many chronic illnesses, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, arthritis.  We know this to be true because therapies that remove these toxic metals often cure or ameliorate the disease.
There are many therapies "out there" that perform detoxification.  If fact, so many that people are frequently ask me which ones are best.
Well, the answer to that question has to do with what kind of detoxing you want/need to do.
If it's primarily to up-regulate the function of the 2 phases of detoxification of the liver, there are a few really good products that accomplish this.  Clinical studies have shown the efficacy of up-regulating the liver, that is, making the liver more able to throw off toxins by taking them apart (conjugating) and sending them out in the urine and feces.
There are also therapies that can trap and excrete toxins on a daily basis as we take them in, as well as safely pull the stored heavy metals out of the tissue, without removing the minerals. (which is a problem with IV chelation/detoxification)
Because of the recent evidence of toxins being found even in the umbilical cord of the fetus, I am a firm believer in both kinds of detoxification.  I only use (and sell) the ones that are the most studied clinically and that are not harmful to the system. (don't steal minerals or cause any detox reactions) 
I personally do both kinds of detoxing on an on-and-off basis.  For liver assistance, I take silymarin every single day. This herb actually builds new liver cells.
For the daily detox, I use a capsule that traps toxins and another one that removes ones already in storage.  I do a month on then a month off of this one.
I think we'll find, over time, that people who move into their golden years without exhibiting the beginnings (or endings!) of chronic illness will be the ones with the least accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in their blood and tissues.
We simply cannot avoid them - they are in and on everything! And we are being exposed to thousands of things we still don't have names for.  Recently a very compelling scientific study told us not to touch cash register receipts - they are coated with a substance that is worse than BPA.  It's called BPS and is also an estrogen disruptor that interferes with cell growth and programmed cell death: think: cancer.  Please google: Environmental Health Perspectivesarticle by Cheryl S Watson, PhD, professor, dept of biochemistry and molecular biology, University of Texas Medical Branch.  This is not hyperbole and is no joke that the rise in cancer at younger ages is connected to "exogenous" exposures.  ( I no longer touch receipts, tell the clerks they should wear rubber gloves, but it mostly falls on deaf ears.  A very pregnant clerk recently laughed when I explained this to her.)
More importantly, the interactions between these toxins with each other have a synergystic negative potency:  meaning they have a multiplier effect, not addition.  You are already familiar with this effect demonstrated by the studies performed on JuicePlus+. The effect many health parameters is so powerful  because of the combination of plants chosen for the JuicePlus+ "recipe". Much more effective than if you ate those same plants one at a time over time.
Watch my video (hit website below) for a further explanation of this finding.  And in fact, JuicePlus+ is a gentle detoxifier all by itself.  A well known MD who specializes in the Metagenics detox program will not let a patient start the program until they have completed at least 2 months of JuicePlus+ first, to begin the detoxification process and avoid reactions from people with severe toxic overload (heavy metal accumulation)
So, if you are interested in learning more about these various approaches, just send me an email and we'll get to work!
mary anne