Vit D and Magnesium

According to another article i just read about the importance of hormone/vitamin D3, Dr Oz reiterates that this all important Vitamin is rendered useless if your body does not have enough Magnesium in storage. (It's almost impossible to get enough from "greens" unless you are a herbivore on 4 legs)

 Vit D3 is a defender of your immune health and neuromuscular function; it also protects bone strength, modulates cell growth, and reduces inflammation.

But according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it can't do all that if it doesn't team up with magnesium. If your body doesn't have enough magnesium, synthesis of vitamin D gets shut down, and so does its metabolic pathway.

And since this metabolic pathway is "turned on" by magnesium, it is super important to have the "right" amount of magnesium on a daily basis. Magnesium is the sparkplug for over 600 enzymatic reactions in the body so many activities of the body are halted or stopped completely when magnesium is low.  (Diabetes in one example) 

The only way to get a look into your magnesium "score" is to have a Red Blood Cell magnesium test done.  (NOT a serum magnesium test as that doesn't hint at storage of this mineral. The RBC mag test does!)  Ask for this test next time you have blood work done, along with Hemoglobin A1c which will give you a clue as to your propensity of developing diabetes.

One of the easiest ways to take magnesium is by using CALM which is powdered mag citrate and mixes with hot water for a nice evening drink, preparing your muscles for relaxation and therefore better sleep.  There are many tablet forms available too, for those who don't like mixing the drink and sipping it.  (It's raspberry or lemon flavored and yummy!)

Watching out for your health!